Guide to Conducting Physical Safety & Security Surveys

The course covers the basics of conducting safety and security site surveys. A survey form template, guidebook, and example reports are available for download in the course to create your own surveys.

The course is intended for Security and Private Investigator professionals that conduct site surveys for the purpose of making safety and security recommendations for their clients. Physical safety and security surveys can be an additional revenue stream for companies or assist them in assessing security needs for a specific client when negotiating a contract.
  • Physical Survey Introduction
  • Building & Site Safety & Security Surveys Introduction sample
  • Physical Survey Instrument
  • Physical Safety & Security Survey Instrument
  • Guidebook For Physical Safety & Security Survey
  • Uses of a Physical Survey
  • Uses of a Physical Survey sample
  • Survey Equipment & Materials
  • Survey Equipment & Materials
  • Pricing Considerations
  • Pricing Considerations for a Survey
  • Additional Costs sample
  • Cost Estimation Worksheet
  • Onsite Survey
  • Onsite Considerations
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Onsite Survey Approach Exterior
  • General Locking Mechanism Evaluations
  • Fire Suppression & Notification Equipment
  • Loading/Unloading Dock Areas
  • General Office Safety Considerations
  • Identifying Potential Forced Entry Points
  • Written Policies or Procedures
  • Risk/Threat Assessment
  • Risk/Threat Assessment Introduction
  • Risk/Threat Assessment
  • Resources
  • Resources
  • Special Considerations & Final Reports
  • Special Considerations
  • Final Report Considerations
  • Final Report Format
  • Conclusion
  • Conclusion & Wrap-Up
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever