2022-23 PI Continuing Education (APICE-clone-clone)
Private Investigations
2022-23 PI Continuing Education (APICE-clone-clone)
This course is for private investigators that have already completed the Private Investigator Continuing Education Training on PROPIACADEMY
Arrest 2021 Update Security Officers (ARRSEC)
Arrest 2021 Update Security Officers (ARRSEC)
Presents changes to state law regarding the arrests by private persons made by the Georgia Legislature, effective in 2021
Avoiding Cognitive Bias (2hrs C.E.U.) (CE2)
Private Investigations
Avoiding Cognitive Bias (2hrs C.E.U.) (CE2)
Ethics (Ethic21)
Private Investigations
Ethics (Ethic21)
Ethical issues for private investigators to meet the GA continuing education requirements.
Fundamentals of Private Investigations (FundPI)
Private Investigations
Fundamentals of Private Investigations (FundPI)
This course is intended for individuals in states where training is not required, private individuals wanting to learn more about private investigations, paralegals, and a refresher course for private investigators. Course provides the student...
Private Investigator Basic 70 hours 2022 (PI70hrs-clone)
Private Investigations
Private Investigator Basic 70 hours 2022 (PI70hrs-clone)
This 70-hour course provides the student instruction in several topics required for registration or licensing as a private investigator in Georgia. Some of the topics covered include the history of private investigations, interview techniques,...
Private Investigator Arrest Law Update 2021 (PICE212)
Private Investigations
Private Investigator Arrest Law Update 2021 (PICE212)
Changes to the laws of arrest in Georgia were made in 2021 that have implications on Private Investigators. This course is a presentation of those changes.
Security Ofc 24 hours 2022 (Sec24hrs-clone)
Security Ofc 24 hours 2022 (Sec24hrs-clone)
Basic Security Officer training required by the Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. Students acknowledge that by purchasing this course, completion of this course does not guarantee licensing as a security officer, or the ability...
2022-23 Security Officer 8 hr Con-Ed (SOCE8hrs-clone-clone)
2022-23 Security Officer 8 hr Con-Ed (SOCE8hrs-clone-clone)
This course meets the 8 hour continuing education training requirement for security officers in the State of Georgia. Course topics include; homeland security, first aid refresher, patrol and observation techniques, report writing and several...
Executive Protection
Executive Protection

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